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Another winner from Patrick's workshop!

The Blender/Carder was developed from our unique and popular Happy Hybrid with the same dual speed feature and amazingly easy speed change design. Plus, we Incorporated a smooth ball-bearing action, larger diameter swift with its increased carding ratio, and all the fine accessories of the Big Batt carder. Also added: the Dual Purpose Burnishing Tool- either used by hand to stroke periodically on the swift (main cylinder) during batt building, or placed in its nest at the rear of the machine to lightly burnish the batt throughout its cycle.

The Blender/Carder can be used anywhere on the table, no clamps are needed if fed properly.

We consider this jewel as two machines for the price of one. A versatile carder on the fast speed, plus a most thorough blender on the slow speed, offering the full spectrum for the most discerning fiber artist.