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Paula, a U.S. citizen, is well known professional handspinner, author and shepherd, living for more than 25 years in the Seattle area. She moved to British Columbia 20 years ago to join Pat Green in offering the best fiber preparation tools available. Her dedicated involvement and experience in fiber world have stimulated the design and development of the Triple Picker, the Delicate Deluxe, the Fancicard and of course the Supercard.

Paula is always happy to chat with new spinners who need guidance, or with experienced hands exploring the finer possibilities of their projects.

Patrick is the craftsman having learned his trade in Britain where he was born. He personally designs and builds all the equipment we sell, and is available to discuss any technical or mechanical questions by phone. Patrick is the old-fashioned craftsman, the tinkerer (perhaps the perfectionist), always striving to do better. He is extremely proud of his works of art and inspects each and every one before he playfully slaps them on the bottom, exhorting them to behave themselves and be very, very good. Then, ships them to you, their new guardian and owner.

Our commitment to you is our brand P.G

Look for this Pat Green Logo on the finest pickers and carders.


Paula and Patrick have been happily married for 25 years, and choose to live in a beautiful river valley in the foothills of the rockies, coast range, east of of Vancouver B.C. and about 150 miles north of Seattle. They live and work at home on a 10 acre property surrounded by trees. Their other love in life is the 3 acre orchard and garden, with a year-round supply of fruit and vegetables.

They are a bit old-fashioned, without computer, TV, E-mail or answering machine. But invite you to phone for a complete brochure, and to talk about carding, spinning, or even vegetable gardening.